Mommy Jenn was interviewed by ABDL author Alex Bridges

Recently Miss Jenn was interviewed by a well-known ABDL author named Alex Bridges. Over an hour of finding out more information about your ABDL Mommy as well as general kink & fetish topics.

Here is a description about what you’ll hear in the interview:

Author Alex Bridges interviews me (Miss Jenn Davis) & we have some interesting discussions regarding ABDL age play, spanking & domestic discipline, and other kinky topics. Some of the topics covered in this interview are: my background/kinks/fetishes, how and why I started making content, ABDL content and sessions, domestic discipline content and sessions, how things have changed during COVID-19, and much much more.

Alex Bridges & I have been collaborating on audio stories and he is an ABDL, femdom, lezdom, ageplay, and spanking author. Find his stories and novels at & you can find my Patreon at:

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Hugs & spanks,

Miss Jenn

Mommy Has Published Her FIRST book on Amazon

Mommy is so excited to share this special news with you! Now although this is a spanking/domestic discipline story and not an ABDL story, Mommy plans to write some ABDL stories in the future. But if you want to support Mommy in her newest endeavor, getting her book is the way to show her how much you care & want to support her.

It’s called Spanking Therapy: A Good Dose of the Hairbrush to Cure Lying

which you can get for only $2.99 so this is an easy way to show your support! Less than a hot chocolate at Starbucks, less than the cost of a stuffed animal or a movie.

and to check it out on Amazon click here:


Therapy has helped millions all over the world reach their fullest potential. Sara is a very special therapist, licensed in the arts of sternly applying a hairbrush to a liar’s bottom to create lasting and positive change.  She uses an unorthodox form of therapy that she finds works well and gets right to the seat of the problem – spanking therapy.

This domestic discipline story is intended for adults only and contains elements of FM spanking, paddling, over the knee spanking (OTK spanking), and femdom.

To see Mommy’s other books out on Amazon (at the time of this blog post, this is the only book up, but there will be more soon):

Surprise Mommy on Her Birthday!

Adult Baby Mommy

Your favorite ABDL Mommy’s birthday is coming up in September. Let Mommy know that you care by sending her a gift! All Mommys love being spoiled, especially on their special day. A nice birthday gift from her sweet adult baby boy or girl.  Won’t you make your ABDL Mommy smile when she receives your gift in the mail?

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Cruel StepMommy Bathes n Blisters His Wet Bottom

ABDL Mommy bathing adult baby

As an adult baby have you ever had your Mommy bathe you? Or has your ABDL Mommy ever given you a wet spanking while you were being a naughty little thing in the bathtub? Do you just luv clawfoot tubs like Mommy does?

Here’s a synopsis of my new ABDL video clip:

HD 1920×1080 ABDL video

Step-Mommy Jenn just changed David 1/2 an hour ago, and he’s already wet his diaper again. Jenn is not pleased and gets David out of his diaper, drags him by the ear and puts him in the clawfoot bathtub. She bathes him and then gives him a douse of the bathbrush (bath brush spankings are reserved only for the naughtiest of adult-babies!). At 18-years old you’d think her step-son would have learned by now not to have accidents and how to control himself, but no, instead he is forced to have to be in diapers 24/7 due to bed-wetting and non-stop “accidents”).

After his bathbrush spanking in the tub, David is put in a fresh new diaper and spanked in the diaper position with Miss Jenn’s paint stick, hand spanked and blistered with the bathbrush.  David’s only relief may be when his step-mom is putting the soothing diaper rash cream on his behind.

ABDL Mommy scolding naughty boy
Mommy bathing adult baby
Adult Baby bathed by Step-Mommy
ABDL Mommy spanking adult diaper boy

Diapers Have Arrived

One of Mommy’s very sweet boys got Mommy the most wonderful gift…diapers! Thank you, sweetie for getting me these adult diapers off my Amazon wishlist.
Can you tell how happy you made Mummy?
Large Adult Diapers

You can make Mommy smile too. If you’d like to get Mommy Jenn something off her wishlist, go to the home page to find the link to her Amazon wishlist & then send an email letting Mommy know to check her mailbox for a special surprise that you got her off her *WISH* list. Mommy loves her extra special boys (and girls) who get her gifts.